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Ania Kowalska

Managing director

Sets out our vision, creates the strategy, keeps an eye on the budget. As an aspiring coach and our internal HR manager, she always makes sure we are properly motivated and engaged in our work. Bookworm. Active mom, who loves to run and eat (but not necessarily to cook).

Managing director

Klaudia Gwizdała

Growth Manager

She takes care of the overall development of our company – coordinates sales, Employer Branding and operations. Creative and well-organized works closely with the business, but HR is her true calling. She dreams about chocolate with no calories and travels which cost no money.

Kasia Świniańska

She coordinates the recruitment processes we work on day-by-day and remains in contact with the clients. Professionally she is a mobile tech enthusiast and she keeps looking for unconventional recruitment methods (like finding candidates on salsa dancefloors). She loves an active lifestyle and labradors.

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